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ChildWorks Therapy, LLC provides services in your child's natural environment, and coaches caregivers and family members to support your child's progress.

Early Intervention: Our multidisciplinary, team approach will support you in order to help you build on your child's strengths and address their needs for the future. We collaborate with your local county and state agencies to provide Early Intervention services for children birth to 3 years of age in their natural environment. Our purpose is to be your coach and your guide so that you can be involved in directing your child's care and development.

At Home: We provide this service for school-age children who would not otherwise be eligible to receive services due to scheduling or transportation issues. This may depend on the type of payor source you have. Your therapist will help you decide whether this type of setting would be effective in meeting your child's needs.


Our Vision:

Our vision is that every child of every level of ability, and their parents, will find and develop their strengths, so that they can access their community, be healthy and enjoy time with family and friends.


Our Mission:

To provide expertise, resources and support to achieve exceptional results that will last even after therapy ends.

Caring - You can rely on us to listen and work closely with you to achieve your child’s greatest potential.

Excellence - You know you are getting the best services for your child. You can expect to gain tools to help your child achieve a lifetime of positive results.

Professionalism - We specialize in pediatric physical therapy. Our staff of pediatric therapists are highly trained and experienced in the treatment of children’s health and physical conditions.

Integrity - You will receive honest, helpful information about your child’s strengths and needs. If we cannot provide all of the services your child needs, we will help you find who can.